Tuesday, January 19, 2010

open up the window

life has begun again after the holidays and im finally getting situated again. so much has happened in 2010 so far...and we're less than 20 days in. my head has been spinning since the clock struck 12 on new years day. i guess thats what happens when you open yourself up---take me where you will, universe. im ready for whatever you've got!

anyways, its a beautiful 67 degrees here in lovely tallahassee and im in the mood for a picnic. i know the rest of the country is bundled up but i figure internetland could use a smidgen of sunshine right about now. so from my open window to your browser....sunshine!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

play that funky music

lately, i've been very unimpressed with a lot of music that i'm hearing. don't get me wrong, i looooove brit and gaga but there are times when something more unique and i dunno, refreshing is needed. ya know? anyways, coming back home to the parents' house for the holidays put me in a position to hang out with old friends. now, i know this is a "fashion" blog, but i'm doing a shameless plug for their band. i saw these guys play on new years and they are incredible. listen, its really beautiful