Tuesday, July 28, 2009

crawl under the covers

and hide. seriously, im so stressed. at this moment, i am avoiding the mess ojavascript:void(0)f my belongings on the floor of my apartment by watching miami social and stuffing my face with this delish. really, it tastes EXACTLY like the decadent coffee that i love to indulge in. yummers. im supposed to be packing up my room but i keep scanning over the piles and this overwhelming sense of anxiety chokes me, so i go back to calming myself with brainless reality tv and fashion blogs. i need to just knock back a red bull and finish. but me and that red bull in the fridge (which i need to thaw out...) both know i wont be very productive tonight. the bottle of sangria is staring at me, tempting me...what are the odds i'd get more done a lil tipsy...hmmmm i should post again this week but if i cant find the time, i promise to be back soon.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

sunday means

being a lazy bum. i've been laying in bed, drinking coffee, watching law&order and dreaming of him... this man is gorgeous <3

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


another internet goodie for me to waste my life away with: LOOKLET.com omgomgomg its amazing. its basically polyvore on crack. you can pick a model, a set and then play virtual dress up to your hearts content. i felt like a mini vogue stylist/editor for the good...i dunno, 2 hours i played with this thing. seeing as im kind of obsessed, im sure there will be more posts with lovely little styles i've created. one day, i wanna get paid to do this! mwahahahaha and yes...this is what im doing instead of watching harry potter and the half blood prince, because it is COMPLETELY SOLD OUT in my area...no joke, at 6:00 there were people lined up inside the movie theater for the midnight showing. MIDNIGHT! 6 HOURS OF SITTING, WAITING, DRESSED UP! oy! bitter? just a little... just a few of the outfits i created =D


ok blogosphere, i need you. if i am not in a position to afford the masterpiece that is the christian louboutin patent nude pump a la megan fox, miranda kerr, etc etc where can i get a nude pump?? seriously, i cant find a single one that gets anywhere near to what i want!!! urg. im going to the showing of the master thesis student film i did in august and i think i have the dress, and i want to wear it with nude shoes. dress: thanks loversssssz xoxox

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

chanel sheer booties

gahhh i need these!!! chanel was MADE to be on my body!!!! jane aldridge lucky betch!!!www.seaofshoes.typepad.com this girl has the best effing life!

Monday, July 6, 2009


seriously, seeing people walking around with the same louis bag drives me nuts and really makes me feel like its overrated and almost "cheap" but then i see editorials like this, and pictures of Marc and i change my mind!