Tuesday, July 14, 2009


another internet goodie for me to waste my life away with: LOOKLET.com omgomgomg its amazing. its basically polyvore on crack. you can pick a model, a set and then play virtual dress up to your hearts content. i felt like a mini vogue stylist/editor for the good...i dunno, 2 hours i played with this thing. seeing as im kind of obsessed, im sure there will be more posts with lovely little styles i've created. one day, i wanna get paid to do this! mwahahahaha and yes...this is what im doing instead of watching harry potter and the half blood prince, because it is COMPLETELY SOLD OUT in my area...no joke, at 6:00 there were people lined up inside the movie theater for the midnight showing. MIDNIGHT! 6 HOURS OF SITTING, WAITING, DRESSED UP! oy! bitter? just a little... just a few of the outfits i created =D

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