Sunday, March 28, 2010

let the sun shine in

it was a lovely hot hot hot sunny day on saturday. took advantage and went to the pool for a few hours to soak up the sun. there were about a zillion people there, drinking, talking, dancing, tanning, playing was like a mini spring break at my pool. very entertaining. =] this was deemed an appropriate cover up to wear from my apartment to the pool. it got even more 80s inspired when my hair somehow got into a side ponytail. hehe =]
annnnnd i got a tattoo!!! its a hanger on my inner elbow. =D

Saturday, March 27, 2010


the styling is incredible. i want to own everything they are selling--these girls make it all look so good. <3
that jacket is beyond tacky but i looooove it. gimme.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

i think this would be heaven

seriously. i have about a zillion shoes, but they are for sure no where near as exquisite as these babies. and sadly, becuase i am a lowly college dame, they remain in their boxes stacked on a shelf in my closet. i can't wait for the day that i have a house of my own and i can have the most fabulous closet/dressing room on the planet. As the wise and witty Carrie Bradshaw would say, "Don't give me a diamond, just give me a big cloest!" 
 beautiful things should be on display.

Monday, March 15, 2010

you're a hot mess

and im falling for you.
erin wasson you're a goddess.
shes so grungy and boho and naked, im in love. like forrealllz.

Friday, March 12, 2010

its raining, its pouring...

so im supposedly on spring break right now. you coulda fooled me because its 330 in the afternoon and the only light in this room is coming from my laptop screen. its pouring down rain and chilly.
i guess i've been getting some relaxation time: lazed around the house with the Mom, went out in atlanta last night got a little tipsy and danced my tush off, shopping downtown tomorrow...i cant really complain.
i ordered legit stripper heels this of the lovely ladies i work with and i seem to be obsessed with borderline pornographic fashion lately, so we felt those heels would work their way into our wardrobes and spice things up a bit!
all i want to be doing right now is laying on the beach, soaking up rays of skin cancer, drinking something fruity and giggling at cute surfer boys. or at the very least be running around an outdoor concert in cutoffs and tshirts that have been practially ripped to shreds. too bad atlanta is monsooning....

Saturday, March 6, 2010


acquired myself a bustier.
currently wearing it around the house with boyfriend jeans that are truly sagging too much in the tush area.
wrong or right? you decide

yep, purple streak is new too =]

work appropriate

i need a job in which it is acceptable to wear a bustier at all times.
scratch that, i need a life in which it is acceptable to wear a bustier at all times. if only i was miss Belle de Jour or a Wild Fox girl i could probably get away with it...but sadly, i am not.
think small town florida will find my current obsession out of line?
maybe i'll make a couple of bucks out of