Friday, April 17, 2009


i need one. i know, you all are obsessed with fashion and clothing and accessories and you all are "addicts." i get it. but do you feel a strong need to purchase something daily? like yearn. cuz i do. and i feel like this is kinda a problem. im not broke and im not in insane credit card debt, but its like some part of me has this compulsive side that could really be a problem if it becomes the dominant side. and its totally stuff i dont even need. well i mean, do any of us really need half the shit we own? i feel somewhat guilty for doing this when there are people in the world eating sticks and dirt and living in a shanty made from scrap metal. wow. do i really need to buy destroyed jean shorts or should i use that money to umm i dunno, pay for someone's education for a year?! a year! i am all for enjoying the gifts of hard work and savvy economic choices and i dont believe i hand-outs, but i can admit to being somewhat materialistic. i know i cant take it with me. i'd like to be a UN ambassador and have been involved in humanitarian efforts before, and i think i need to get back into that. heavy.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


im kinda obsessing over the whole "nude" trend right now. im dying for a great nude patent sky high heel...any suggestions?? im thinking if i can just get a tan, i will look fabulous in all of these gorgeous nude pieces (that of course are nowhere to be found in not-so-fashion-forward tallahassee fl) derek lam fw09 ummm from ss08?? omg nude fishnet style tights?!? amazing oh wait, not that kind of nude!! oopsies. gotta love that erin wasson <3 lovessz

Friday, April 10, 2009

excuses excuses

so i've been madddd scarce around here lately. wanna know why?? i've been working my ass off at the boutique ANNNNND i was filming a masters thesis film here at florida state for the film school. it was absolutely amazing. i played the super bitchy captain of the cheerleading squad in a high school horror film. i've decided im gonna try to mix in some outfit posts here. clearly this pic is kinda old...its like a month old but i adore it! anyways, i've been wearing sweats and cheer uniforms for the last weeks =]