Thursday, May 27, 2010

ill never be the same

...if we ever meet again.
i never met a romper i didnt like. this one has amazing back detailing and kinda looks like a dress from the front. it is also more comfortable than p-jamz. =]
romper, urban outfitters.
sandals, bamboo from henrigirl


im usually not a big fan of wedges, but lately there have been quite a few that have grabbed my attention. although these are probably a few inches too short for me to be really happy about wearing but the straps, color and sparse but intelligently place hardware make these a big fat YES.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010



being my usual dorky self, pretending to be a ballerina.
i love this vintage skirt, its such a gorgeous color. that bustier, kinda crochet style top makes me really happy. its gorgeous, and looks more expensive than the forever 21 price i paid for it.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

best piece of ass in the whole damn city

piko gaga shoulder crop top
celebrity pink tie dye acid wash cutoff shorts
? cage wedges

i really wish i had a better background for the pictures i take of myself. i usually have to clear some sort of space in a random corner of my room across from a surface that is the proper height for whatever kind of stange contortions im planning on capturing. i really should just invest in a tripod (or a photographer), and venture outside of my room to take these pictures. i get these creative ideas but they aren't exactly do-able by oneself. i know the boy has recently stumbled across this blog so im sure i can coax him into helping me out. maybe we can be the next rumi and colin =P bahaha, i wish. wore this to work. as usual. desperately craving a shopping spree, but also trying to actually SAVE money right now. whhhaaaaat? you say. yeah, i know im shocked too. and of course everything i want probably adds up to a zillion dollars. and just checked my direct deposit paycheck---not a zillion dollars. looks like im SOL. hmph. its nearly 2am, im wide awake with a tummy full of fro yo (about to vom) and listening to "hello goodmorning" on effing repeat. TI, P Diddy, Rick Ross...whaaaaaa? um yesplease. no, but really. whats wrong with me? oh and i was finally forced into the world of twitter. not really sure what that involves but im looking forward to adding one more internet-based obession into my life. wooohooooo. <3

warm, wet and wild

so its summer. school's out. (and back in....but thats another story.) its hot. poolin' it everyday. listening to katy perry's "california girls" on repeat. time for sexy little bits of fabric we call summer clothing. hello spray tan and liquid diets. =]
why did i not go to ultra?!? like honestly, wtf was i thinking. miami is only a few hours away!! aghhh FAIL

can i be running around tallahassee in this? i meannnnnn, thats totes acceptable, right?