Thursday, May 20, 2010

best piece of ass in the whole damn city

piko gaga shoulder crop top
celebrity pink tie dye acid wash cutoff shorts
? cage wedges

i really wish i had a better background for the pictures i take of myself. i usually have to clear some sort of space in a random corner of my room across from a surface that is the proper height for whatever kind of stange contortions im planning on capturing. i really should just invest in a tripod (or a photographer), and venture outside of my room to take these pictures. i get these creative ideas but they aren't exactly do-able by oneself. i know the boy has recently stumbled across this blog so im sure i can coax him into helping me out. maybe we can be the next rumi and colin =P bahaha, i wish. wore this to work. as usual. desperately craving a shopping spree, but also trying to actually SAVE money right now. whhhaaaaat? you say. yeah, i know im shocked too. and of course everything i want probably adds up to a zillion dollars. and just checked my direct deposit paycheck---not a zillion dollars. looks like im SOL. hmph. its nearly 2am, im wide awake with a tummy full of fro yo (about to vom) and listening to "hello goodmorning" on effing repeat. TI, P Diddy, Rick Ross...whaaaaaa? um yesplease. no, but really. whats wrong with me? oh and i was finally forced into the world of twitter. not really sure what that involves but im looking forward to adding one more internet-based obession into my life. wooohooooo. <3

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