Monday, February 9, 2009

excitement and relief

these words dont even begin to describe how i feel right now. last year i went the the fashion institute of design and merchandising in los angeles and 42 credit hours later, decided a two year school wasn't what i wanted so i transferred. ok, attempted to transfer. i wanted to go to florida state university and studey merchandising there. well, as my luck would have it, they didnt want me. ok, i exaggerate. they didnt want anyone without an associates degree from a florida school. i was 18 credit hours and 3000 miles away from that. soooo i went to a community college for 3 semesters and got all the boring math, science, history b.s. out of the way and today finally got word that fsu's merchandising program wants me!!! its good to feel wanted again. fidm really wanted me and fought to keep me so it has been really frustrating dealing with a big state school. the next fight will be about specific classes transferring, but i will not give up!fsu needs me. they do, and ill prove it =]

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