Tuesday, March 3, 2009


so several of the girls i work with are off to start fashion internships this week and next week in new york city. they've gotten positions at marie claire, seventeen, designer talent management firms...its incredible. i am so happy for them, but i wish it was my time. between FIDM and dealing with transfer bullshit i really feel like i could easily be a fashion intern right now. today. i'd pick up and move in an instant. every fiber of my being aches to start actually working in this industry. to be rid of dumb girls who don't understand the genius of tapered trousers and "fashion addicts" who pile on flashy designer logos to give off some sort of "in-the-know" vibe. im sick to death of people afraid to take risks, who only wear or do things that are in front of their faces. i think i love fashion so much because its like a treasure hunt. we get to sift through all this media thrown our way, be it tv, print, clothing, music, art, design....and pick what fits us. its a beautiful puzzle or mosaic that is really never ending. and hopefully always evolving. i adore people who know themselves well enough to do things their way but are open enough to never remain stagnant in one rut. ugh! i need to meet some new people.... <3

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Kristine said...

i liked this entry =) miss you chelsea couture =p