Sunday, April 4, 2010

some filler...

a few posts back i said my stripper heels arrived....
aren't these babies the greatest?? and only $40!! hells yeah.
and they make my childish dress look inappropriately slutty. i like it.
and thissss. my very first tattoo! im a HUGE dork but im so excited about it. its on the inside of my elbow and im obsessed. i kinda want another right now.

and you MUST watch this music video. mayday parade is an amazing band. theyre from tallahassee and the old singer is in another band called go radio that plays here a lot and actually just got signed to fearless records along with mayday. this music video is one of the most honest, real life videos ive ever seen. i feel like it shows exactly what its like to be our age. i probably also love it because i feel like the lyrics are describing my love life situation right now....but thats a story for another day. watch the video, it might change your life =P and then go listen to every mayday and go radio song. <3

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