Saturday, May 16, 2009

models gone bad

just like the rest of you, i am guilty of getting a little pleasure when models show up somewhere and end up looking busted. im not sure if they dressed themselves or if they were "styled" but for the most part, these girls could use some help. oh kate, you goddess of style, WTF were you thinking?!?! karen elsen, off the shoulder ruffles, and feathers? oh boy... now, i am probably the biggest tyra fan, but whoever did her hair should be shot. ew caroline, i get what you were going for, but this looks more maternity sleepwear than vintage romantic now, there is nothing wrong with what she's wearing, i just adore this couple!!!

1 comment:

paprika girl said...

Haha :D You are right about them !!! The last couple is my fav.:))