Thursday, February 11, 2010

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN IS DEAD. WHAT??? i cant believe it. this is like the saddest thing ever. ok, ysl's death was the saddest thing ever, but this is the second saddest thing ever. i looooooove everything that man has ever touched and there is going to be a serious void in the fashion world now. i feel as though i need to go home and put on my McQ for target tshirt and my favorite ebday purchase: the alexander mcqueen skull pirate scarf and prance around pretending to be kate moss. very very sad.


marla said...

Agreed. YSL is def a heart-breaker. I mean, he practically invented the man-scarf. But McQueensie is sad, nonetheless. What ever will lady gaga do?

chelsea couture said...

and i was totally planning to dress myself in his lovely creations from head to toe once i either marry a very rich man or fall into money of some sort lol