Wednesday, February 10, 2010

shades of gray (yepppp super lame)

this is me continuing to make an effort to post pictures of myself, pretending that internetland even cares what the fuck i wear each day. but i mean, i waste hours upon hours devouring the blogs of the fashion elite so if anyone else in the world is like me, maybe you wont mind one more clotheshorse trying to vogue for the camera.

ok so this "dress" is most definitely a shirt. yeah yeah i know but hey im 5'2 everything is a gosh darn dress on me. daddy got me the cardi for xmas and he was vurrry proud of his selection. my exclamations of "omg i need a light gray cardigan! ohh it feels so nice!" made him grin like a crazy person. daddy loves my style. he always says "you look cute" in a surprised fashion when my mother kind of rolls her eyes and says "thats my daughter..." but they wouldnt love me if i didnt bring them to the verge of heart attack on a regular basis. ahhh family.
definitely sitting in my classroom, an hour early for class using the internet to waste more time of my life scrolling through pictures of stripper height stilettos and overly baggy, beautifuly deconstructed items on incredibly beautiful tragically thin girls.
you'd think on a college campus, the internet would be reliable and ummmm present? wtf...shit just kicked me off in the middle of loading the alexander wang collection. ruuuude. seriously internet? not cool. if you couldnt tell, im already hopped up on a venti skinny cinnamon dolce latte and probably craving another. the caffeine gives me a lovely little buzz that gets me through an hour of a class which i have practically taken in 3 different forms at various institutions ive attended in the past few years. oh and not to mention the absolutely perfect boy that sits next to me everyday and shares with me the "hunk du jour" and giggles when the professor inadvertantly makes strange sexual innuendos. omgilovehim.
anyways im pretty much obsessed with this blog i discovered through the lovely widlfox ladies' blog ( its called tangents and the times and this chick is rad. she's pretty hysterical and im loving the way she writes. you should definitely check it out (


Belle Belle said...

Hey girl!! I know i'm not the fashion ladybug that you would expect, but I'm a blogaholic, and I would like to say that I always enjoy your blog posts. Go you!

marla said...

i care about what you wear!