Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ahh two days in a row! look at this =] anywho, The Boyfriend is busy being ultra studious studying calculus two after cooking an amazing meal of shrimp lettuce wraps and chicken asian pasta deliciousness for our 4 year anniversary. he tends to study with the television on and being the nerd i love, he is "watching" the science channel. he only really listens to ever other word and looks at the screen every 3 minutes but i am not. allowed. to. change. it. sheesh, i get it. but the images of ants projected on his giant tv (if i were to stand next to the tv, the ants head would be larger than mine. yes, thats a problem) are turning my stomach, so hence another entry. im hoping that the boy genius will use his powers for good and make lots and lots of money for me to spend on beautiful clothes. he loves clothes just as much as i i vow not to spend all the cash flow on my outfittings...but oh how i would love to have bergdorf goodman's on speed-dial. what i would do for 5 more inches of height on my tiny frame. i would be auditioning for america's next top model in every city. i would flood every modeling agency with my comp card and amateur portfolio. why have i been cursed with this 5'2 body?? why????? i deserve to be alexander mcqueen's muse. to wear sequined leggings for a living. this would be heaven.

and oscar (de la renta) i neeeeeed you to clothe me in dresses like this for who knows, trips to the grocery. how those unfortunately mint-colored publix workers will envy me. oh and don't forget this. booties made by a god. oh yes, a masterpiece.

i think i have to go browse bergdof's holy website and wipe the drool off The Boyfriend's laptop before he notices. maybe i can tell him ants make me...ugh. no. thats GROSS.

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