Tuesday, November 4, 2008

this sickness has no cure

i am really good at getting incredibly obsessed with things and then...dropping them as fast as i pick them up. here's to hoping this doesn't end in such a crash and burn fashion. i was always kinda bad about keeping up with any kind of consistent journal...but i really want to keep this up. i need some kind of outlet right now. i miss writing and seeing as all my classes right now consist of pointless painful writing, this is probably the best place for me to be creative. yay! so this is basically just a place for me to ramble. probably about fashion, probably about music, probably about anything and eveything and honestly, things that no one else cares about! yippee.

here it goes, im jumping in with both feet (dont worry, i took off those suede booties first)

current obsessions:
1. http://www.chictopia.com/
if you love clothes and stylish people, you have to check this website out. a bunch of hipsters post pictures of super fly outfits and write lil blogs about the clothes or what they were doing in the photo or whatever. its an amazing way to get just a teeny bit of inspiration before getting dressed in the morning

2. gossip girl
i know i know, me and every other 14-18 year old girl. but honestly, its really addicting. the clothing is fantastic (though, i admit, highly unrealistic for high schoolers to be wearing). yes, and the girls are unbelievably snarky, but hey, given a trust fund and an upper east side residence, i too would definitely be avoiding a cocaine-and-murder sprinkled past while looking fabulously chic and playing popularity games with my "best friend." and so would you.

3. what i like about you
yes, its old, but its great. i heart amanda bynes. HI-larious, pretty, totally relatable, not afraid to be "ugly" for the sake of funny (ohmygod, we bow to you) that girl's got it all. and jennie garth is simply adorable as well. abc family=LIFE

4. jumpsuits
dont laugh. they are HOT. like maddd fly. go getcha one. mine is black, strapless and perfectly pocketed and pleated a la Michael Kors. check it out...heidi klum and jennifer hudson appreciate:

there will be more later.
this is not only a promise to you, but one to myself.

--chelsea couture

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