Tuesday, November 18, 2008

you taste like glitter mixed with rock and roll

clearly, i have not been doing so well with this whole blog business. i knew this would happen. but alas, i will prevail!!! i am OBSESSED with Fall as of this moment. its an amazing season. sweaters, boots, scarves, hats...its uhhhhmazing!

(so this miiight just be the homepage for the boutique i work for, lame, i admit, but i thought it was the best way to express my love of Fall without having to put toooo much effort into actually creating a collage myself. not really in the mood. i cheat. deal with it.)

anywayyy....i just bought this petticoat to wear as a skirt and i am dying to wear it. i need some kind of shorties to wear underneath so as to not be whore-ish. im not usually worried about what people think about what i wear, but im a little nervous to wear them. i mean, i go to a community college in a town populated by preppy, Vera Bradley loving clones. its hard not to stand out when my wardrobe consists of items i choose specifically for thier uniqueness. for example, teal tights, vintage high waisted wide leg trousers, and purple fringed boots are my current loves. The Boyfriend is whining at me to come hang out with him. more later <3> ps---get The Fame from Lady Gaga. the album is to DIE for!!!

someone tell me why i was not born in the 80s. hello Jem lightning bolt face paint! i want that.

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